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Village Hidden in Concrete//Story Logs
[open] Bastille Day 
14th-Jul-2009 02:10 pm
formal flower // quiet grace
Who: Konan , the Konoha Symphony Orchestra, and anyone who wants to see them perform
What: In honor of Bastille Day, the Konoha Symphony Orchestra will be playing select songs from the era of the French Revolution!
When: July 14th, around 8 PM
Where: The Konoha Symphony Center
Warnings: none yet...

In the large main symphony hall, Konan and several of her colleagues had taken their seats in their designated places, tuning their instruments. . A strange array of mixed sounds filled the air. Konan and her music stand partner greeted each other with a tiny wave before they returned to their instruments. Her partner put up the music sheets, flipping through them.

Konan tuned her beloved cello. She handled the large red-wood stringed instrument like it was a child, her delicate, thin, white hands carefully turning the knobs the tightened the strings so they created the right sound.

She, along with her fellow musicians, was all dressed up. She wore a simple black dress. She looked out into the seats as people started to fill them and enter the building. People dressed in their finest clothes to see the Orchestra perform. Konan looked for a certain man, hoping that he would come to see her perform.

With her instrument tuned and ready she and her partner chatted quietly. The other musicians did the same. All that was left was for the conductor to take the stand.

[[have a playlist....will post music as the log progresses :D ]]
21st-Jul-2009 05:42 am (UTC)
Although his partner had said "Wait here" as he went to investigate the disturbance that they had originally been called for, Kisame found himself venturing into the main symphony hall; curious at the screeching of multiple instruments being played or re-tuned in preparation for the number.

Despite his appearance, and the stereotype often applied to him because of it, Kisame thoroughly enjoyed classical music and melodies. He was not a great lover of music, but every so often he indulged. Despite his partners earlier request, Kisame found himself leaning against the tall archway, both hands in his pockets while he grinned out at the stage.

A number of people on it, though there was only one familiar face. He had spoken to her once, about her cello, unsurprisingly.
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