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Village Hidden in Concrete//Story Logs
A Little Fresh Air [Open to everyone] 
23rd-Sep-2009 07:43 am
Who: Open to everyone
What: Hanging around outside between classes
Where: College campus
When: September 23rd, afternoon
Rating: PG

Tenten exited the classroom, her messenger bag slung over her shoulder and a book in hand. She had a good hour and a half to spare before her History class and the weather was beautiful so a peaceful lunch outdoors beneath the trees sounded like a good idea. She could get some studying in as well as she had a feeling her professor was going to give a pop quiz.

It was obvious other students had the same idea; however, after a few minutes of searching, she found an abandoned tree and sunk down to the ground, crossing her legs in front of her. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out the bento box she had packed earlier that morning and set it on top of her bag before opening up her History book, rotating between eating and reading.
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